Salt Preserved Herbs

A quick and delicious way to save your garden herbs indefinitely!

Course Rub
Prep Time 15 minutes
Servings 1


  • 8 ounces Fresh herbs I used: Chives, Cilantro, Basil, Italian Parsley
  • 6 ounces Coarse salt


  1. Wash and dry the herbs well. Pluck leaves from stems (I admit I DO use some of the stems).

  2. Roughly chop the herbs by hand. Do not use a food processor... no green paste!

  3. Scrape the herbs into a bowl and add coarse salt. Use your (clean) hands to toss herbs and salt together.

  4. Scoop herb mixture into a 1 quart Mason jar (I used wide mouth jars) screw on lid and place in your fridge. Shake the jar everyday for a week. Or if you're having a particularly bad day... more than once a day.  At the end of the week the herb mixture should reduce by about half.

  5. Transfer finished mixture to a 1 pint jar or in my case I transferred it to smaller jars and gave as gifts. Next time I will double the recipe so I can give more away as gifts.

  6. This mixture can be kept in the fridge indefinitely. Be sure when using the herb salt, that you use a spoon and not your fingers to scoop some out of the jar. This practice will extend the life of the salt and keep bacteria out of your jar.

Recipe Notes

This is a great recipe to be creative with. Marisa mentions using leafy celery tops, which I think would be marvelous! Chervil, sorrel, thyme, rosemary, dill, fennel, lavender, sage, lemongrass... the list is endless!